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Changzhou Tianli Intelligent Control Co.,Ltd is a ISO9001:2000 proved high-Tech. Enterprise. We are professional in manufacturing products includes: Pressure/Differential Transmitters, Indicating Pressure Switches, Two-level Pressure Switches,Stainless Pressure Gauges, Shakeproof Pressure Gauge,etc.
      We serve a countrywide market of oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber,power industries ,metallurgy,medical, light industry , telecommunication industries and Self-check & Control center of refregrating equipment, Self-alarm in process application and protection.
      Our brand “Tianxiang” is recogonized as high accuracy, High quality, reliability and varietal of specifications by the customers.
      Since the company was founded in 1999, Tianli’s dedicated in producing high quality products, continually technical innovation. our typical products could normally meets your requirements, meanwhile, we have ability in designing customized . we purse a Customer-oriented service philosophy.
      We make it our business to continuously improve our service and product strategies to be responsive to customer requirements. We sincerely hope to cooperate users and friends worldwide, please feel wecome to call us or send e-mail to us.


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